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As the school year winds down in Spain, and the temperatures in Barcelona rise, everyone prepares for the summer vacation. Music exams are furiously studied for and students practice for the annual music concert which takes place at the end of the year. It’s an exciting occasion and one that the Estudio Shine family look forward to each year. Students invite friends and family to come and enjoy all the musical pieces and the day is filled with a fun musical energy. Each year some of our teachers perform too, in an anticipated Finale!

This year the school will be holding it’s concert once again in the wonderful bar of the Lluire Theatre in Gracia. Those that would like to, join in for an informal lunch between the two sections of the concert, the beginners and the advanced students who perform in the afternoon.

We will be opening the concert doors this Saturday the 18th of June, and invite you all to come to the bar, enjoy a drink or coffee while you listen to some wonderful music, performed by talented students, both young and old! We have performances on the piano, guitar, ukulele, accordion, saxophone, clarinet, and more! It’s sure to be a great musical event in Barcelona!


We had a great concert at the Bar Lliure Teatre Lliure. Students played well in front of the audience. You can see some videos on our Youtube of our beginners. Come back to see more, as we are in the process of putting them online. Meanwhile, look how cute these students playing the guitar are! Well done!




Our much anticipated annual Estudio Shine student concert is Tomorrow!

The concert will take place on Saturday 13th of June at Bar Lliure, in Teatre Lliure (c/ Montseny, 47, Barcelona, very close to Estudio Shine – Map ).

We believe that the concert is a great chance to share the work you have been doing during the year with your relatives, teachers, friends and colleagues. Furthermore, this is an opportunity to experience the feeling of accomplishment of playing in front of an audience!

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The concert will be split into two, with a pause in between for lunch. From 12noon until 1:30pm we will have the concert for our youngest students and then, at 3pm a concert for our adult students. In any case, you are welcome to attend both of them, even if you or your children are not playing. Students who play should come before the concert starts.


Our small and informal exam concert was held yesterday on Saturday the 16th of May. It was a great opportunity for the students to have a chance to play their pieces to a small audience of family and friends before the big exam day arrives. The concert was enjoyed by all and the students played very well. We enjoyed classical guitar pieces as well as piano and finally some Rock & Pop. After the concert we all got together to enjoy some snacks and drinks in the Theatre Lluire Bar. Thank you to everyone who came and participated!







We have just added a new video of one of our teachers Ivan Ilic performing with his band Tetra Pack.

Read more about Ivan on his Estudio Shine profile, and let us know if you would like to have classes with him. He teaches Contemporary Guitar including Jazz & Blues, as well as Electric (Pop&Rock/Heavy)and Acoustic (Folk) guitar.

You can catch one of his live performances by visiting his website.