It’s easy to learn an instrument online. The Shine School of Music will help you fulfill your musical dreams wherever you are in the world. A simple click of a button, and you can be studying with your own private teacher from the comfort of your home or office. One-on-one live music classes are convenient and easy.

To begin your online lessons, Shine school of Music requires only that you have a working computer with internet, a webcam and microphone and speakers. These days many laptop computers come with camera, speakers and microphone all built in. If you have a desktop computer, or older computer, you may need to install an external camera, speakers and microphone. All of these items can be easily ordered online, or bought from your local computer shop. You can also do your lessons on an ipad, tablet, mobile phone or similar device.


Once your computer is set up, you will need to elect software to use to begin your lessons. We recommend Zoom or  Skype, but also provide classes via Google Hangouts and Apple Facetime. Once you are signed up at the school our administration staff will send you a trouble shooting guide and we can also provide assistance over the telephone. If you would like to conduct your lesson over a different program, simply email or call the school to find out if it is available for your lesson.

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