Branislav Grbic teaches classical violin and world music violin. At the Shine School of Music in Barcelona, ​​he teaches students of all levels, specializing in Balkan, Sephardic, Irish as well as Turkish music. He was born in Belgrade (Serbia) in 1970, to a family of musicians. In 1991 Bane arrived in Barcelona, and began a new era in his professional life. He was a notable student at the Conservatori Superior de Barcelona in J. Pamiès’s
Each year the Shine School of Music in Barcelona hosts a concert. It’s a unique opportunity for students to perform for a live audience, and get a taste or experience of performing for a crowd and certainly a chance to show off what they have accomplished with their teachers. Our concerts have grown, from one small concert once a year to now a series of concerts during the year, and each one just gets better
The recent Black Lives Matter protests in the US and all over the world have triggered a positive interest in educating ourselves on understanding racism and acknowledging its prevalence in our societies. Knowledge of our history can empower us all to make the right changes to move forward and build a world that is equal, and that celebrates different cultures. The history of music is no different, and it is impossible to not recognise the
You may not think you are good at singing, but everyone can sing! Even if you sing on your own, in your room with headphones on and no-one around! There are some surprising health benefits to singing out loud! And just the same as anything, with a little help and training you can improve your singing. So if you ever wanted to enjoy singing even more, we can encourage you to take a singing lesson!
Barcelona is well known for being a hot spot for musicians, from all walks of life. Maybe it’s the beach and mountains, maybe it’s the unusually warm weather or the carefree attitude that its people exude, but whatever it is, Barcelona has a unique energy that inspires and nurtures artistic expression. Flamenco chords rising from random street corners, hustling reggae musicians singing with a raspy voice in the metro, Latin American Orchestras searching for their