Terms & Conditions

* An enrolment fee of 35 EUR is applicable for all students except students who do a once-off 90 minute class. See Terms and Conditions

Prices*: All prices are listed for private classes (individual classes). For information on group discounts, contact us. Most long-term students attend classes twice a week for 30 minutes or once a week for 60 minutes. More intensive schedules are available for short-term visitors to the city or students who wish to improve their playing and deepen their knowledge of guitar during their short stay in Barcelona.

Terms and Conditions

All classes are private (individual) classes and may be scheduled in accordance with the teacher.

Lessons are paid for in advance at the beginning of each month or at the beginning of the course.

If any lessons are cancelled (prior to the lesson) they must be recuperated in agreement with the teacher. Missed lessons cannot be deducted nor carried over to the following month.

The school reserves the right increase the price of lessons at a month’s notice throughout the year.

In the case of the student going on holiday (or similar) the lessons for that month do not have to be paid for as long as the information is passed onto the teacher with sufficient time (i.e. before the holiday) It is expected that by arranging classes, student or parents of students agree that there will be a daily practice of the instrument. Please note that the school never closes and lessons can be arranged over any typical holidays as long as the teacher is available. Should the student wish to have lessons on dates that the teacher is unavailable, another substitute teacher can be arranged.

The teacher reserves the right to discontinue students lessons if his/her attendance and/or work is less than satisfactory.