Gaspar Muller


Gaspar Müller teaches Classical Guitar, Contemporary Guitar encompassing Jazz & Blues Guitar, Electric Guitar (Pop&Rock/Heavy) and Acoustic Guitar (Folk), and Guitar Styles from Latin America (Tango, Bossa Nova, Bolero, etc.) as well as Ukulele and Cavaquinho at the Shine School of Music.

Gaspar Müller hails from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Barcelona has been his home since 2001, where he finished his music studies at the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (ESMUC). Gaspar plays different styles of guitar including Classical, Jazz, Rock, and Latin American music. As a composer and arranger, Gaspar writes for a variety of chamber music groups and has won the distinguished City of Badalona Composition Prize for his work “City Lights”.

Gaspar regularly performs with his Tango Quartet El Repique:

Listen to Gaspar here, and his Tango group El Repique here.

Check out his Facebook page for upcoming concerts.


Guitar Classes:

  • Contemporary Guitar – Jazz &Blues, Electric (Pop&Rock/Heavy), Acoustic (Folk)
  • Guitar styles from Latin America (Tango, Bossa Nova etc.)
  • Classical Guitar

Ukelele Classes

Cavaquinho Classes