Andrea Neuenschwander

Andrea Neuenschwander specializes in teaching music to children. She teaches piano, guitar, singing, music therapy and music awareness for children at the Shine School of Music in Barcelona.

Andrea Neuenschwander graduated from the University of Barcelona as a music therapist. She studied music in Lima-Peru and specialized in the area of Song Composition. Andrea has 8 years of experience in music schools, foundations and centers and since 2017 she has been teaching early learning courses for babies and parents. In these sessions, the main objective is to strengthen the emotional bond between parents and children and provide a pleasant experience while learning to play with music. Andrea provides a series of tools that can be subsequently worked on at home during her Kid’s Music Awareness Group classes.

Andrea is creative, patient, organized, hardworking and always willing to learn. Fascinated by the different tools available for music education and alternative therapies in relation to music, she continues to advance her studies. Within her musical education and Academic achievements, she holds a Master in Music Therapy IL3 / Barcelona (2019), a Degree in Vocal Styles Laboratory from the Eolia School (2018-2019), a Degree in the method of singing Estill Voice Craft 1 and 2, both from Eolia School (2017-2018). She also graduated from the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences under the title of Bachelor of Music with specialization in composition (2016), with a Diploma in the Training Workshop for Educators ʺMusic is a children’s gameʺ by Chero Malpartida (2017 ).

Lately Andrea has worked on a 2019 Music Therapy Workshop in the Ninaia Child therapy center with autistic children.  She completed an Internship at Llar Pi i Molist Residence under the tutelage of Mauro Cabral (Active music therapy and receptive music therapy). Since 2018 she has been working with the Association of Cerebral Palsy as a music therapist. She continues to work at the Maria Grever School (Parets del Valles) as an early stimulation workshop, teacher and music therapist.  In 2018 she did her “Practicas” in the Brians Women’s Prison in the Basket Beat method.

In addition, Andrea is part of 3 musical groups, including Mulamú, El Ingrediente and an Afro-Peruvian cajones project.