Pol Garcia


Pol Garcia teaches Contemporary Guitar encompassing Electric Guitar (Pop&Rock/Heavy), Acoustic Guitar (Folk) and Jazz & Blues Guitar, and Classical Guitar, as well as Bass Guitar, Cello, and Banjo at the Shine School of Music.

Pol Garcia was born in Terrassa in 1988. At the age of 11 he started studying classical and modern guitar self-taught. He obtained his title of “Grado Medio” in the Municipal conservatory of music in Terrassa, specializing in cello.
Moved for his interest in different styles of music in 2003 he took charge ot the the composition and direction of the musical-drama group Qollunaka. After studying with various Profesor from Terrassa and the Taller de Barcelona, on 2009 he travels to Santiago de Compostela in order to learn Celtic music, Galician bagpipes and drums. He has also studied bass and banjo and he has collaborated with different music groups, thing that leaded him to play and organize jam sessions during some years in distinct bars and music halls of Terrassa and Barcelona. In the last couple of years he has been engaged with musical theory and instrument teaching as well as composition for rock bands and chamber orchestra. He is actively being formed in musical software, audio recordings and mixing in studio.
He is also currently a teaching classical and acoustic guitar on SHINE School of Music and the ALICIA School of Terrassa.


Guitar Classes:

  • Contemporary Guitar – Jazz & Blues Guitar, Electric (Rock&Pop), Acoustic (Folk)
  • Classical Guitar

Bass Guitar Classes

Violoncello Classes

Banjo Classes