Milsy Davis

Milsy Davis, is a certified Alexander Technique Teacher who graduated from ATTC Boston (Alexander Technique Training Center) under the direction of Ruth Kilroy.

The Alexander Technique (AT) has made a huge difference in her life.  While teaching dance at University, she sought out AT to deepen her knowledge of the body and to integrate the thinking into her classes.  While exploring the Alexander Technique, she was shocked to experience total relief from chronic pain she had been experiencing for many years with no lasting result from the medical world. She was hooked!

This personal experience convinced her to further explore AT, to complete a 3 year full-time program to become a teacher, and to dedicate her professional life to helping others to discover and realize the benefits she did by using the Alexander Technique. She now has her own school in Gracia, Barcelona.

Milsy is a dancer by training and profession prior to dedicating herself to AT.  She has a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Dance from the University of the Arts and a Masters in Fine Arts in Dance from Temple University, both in the city of Philadelphia, USA. She danced professionally for 10 years and taught dance for 15 years as a Professor at various universities including Dean College, Temple University and Drexel University.

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You can now have lessons in the Alexander Technique with Milsy Davis. Contact the Shine School of Music to find our more about our partnership with Milsy.