Joan Moliner

Joan Moliner Gilberga teaches piano at the Shine School of Music in Barcelona

He studied piano with Carme Poch at the Conservatori Municipal of Barcelona, and with this classical background Joan has played piano and keyboards in many bands in Barcelona, covering modern styles from Pop, Folk, Fusion-Jazz, Funk. Today he is involved mainly in a Northern Soul project with The Twisted Wheels Band , where he plays piano and organ. You can see the band in their youtube channel:

He also has his own electronic music project, Jomol. You can hear part of his works on youtube, or spotify. His latest album consists of 50 minutes of continual music with all the instruments played and recorded by himself in his own recording studio.

Joan’s philosophy is “everybody has an instrument that adapts to their qualities, it’s just about finding it”. He will transmit the illusion of playing music to the students, and when they are motivated, then it will be time to work harder in the technical skills of interpretation.

Piano Classes