Rock & Pop Exams


The students of Shine School of Music that pursue graded examinations in the field of Rock & Pop are encouraged to undertake Trinity Rock & Pop Music Exams.

Trinity College London is one of the leading authorities on musical assessment. By delivering exams rigorously and consistently Trinity College London sets a worldwide standard in the field of Rock & Pop Music, with an ever-increasing number of students, all over the world, choosing to take them every year.

Graded music exams provide a structured framework for progression from beginner to advanced musician. Trinity College examinations and diplomas are recognised at all leading universities as accreditation throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

Should you undertake to pursue Trinity’s graded examinations in Rock & Pop, Shine Music School’s capable team of qualified teachers and musicians will guide from the first steps of the Prep Test all the way through to Grade 8 and beyond to obtain a Licentiate in Teaching or Performing.

At the Shine School of Music students can undertake the following examinations with Trinity’s Rock & Pop Programme:

  • Electric Guitar Exams
  • Keyboard Exams
  • Bass Exams
  • Singing Exams

For more information regarding syllabuses and dates do not hesitate to Contact Us or consult the official Trinity Rock & Pop website.