Shine's Online Music School offers live, one-on-one online music lessons to students of all for all ages and levels, with qualified and experienced music teachers in: guitar, piano, keyboard, bass, ukulele, singing, drums, cello, violin, viola, double bass, saxophone, clarinet, flute, accordion, trumpet, trombone, banjo, mandolin, cavaquinho, music theory, harmony, music production & editing and a range of other instruments and music subjects. All our teachers are hand-picked professional music teachers and musicians and teach on location from our studio in Barcelona. Try your hand in the instrument of your choice with our online music courses. And if you happen to be in Barcelona, feel free to visit us and continue your music lessons in person.


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  • Social Distance Jamming

    It’s as if our metamorphosis is almost complete. Stretching our arms and breaking free of our tiny cocoons. The sun is shining and we are able to visit the parks and beaches for exercise. Getting out of our houses or apartments is liberating. It changes our moods and uplifts our spirits, just like music can change our mood, so can a change in our environment. We find ourselves hatching out into a new world. This […]

  • Introducing the Piano

    Pianos are renowned the world over, despite being just over 300 years old. A relatively short rise to fame compared to that of the guitar, whose beginnings can be traced back to around 3000 years ago. And yet they have been a prominent part of society almost since they were created. Today the piano is still often found in middle and upper class homes, and taught at schools across the world. In china alone, a […]

  • Weird and Wonderful musical instruments

    The way we interact and discover the world in which we live is through our 5 senses and one of the most important ones is our sense of hearing or sound. Even many people who are deaf are able to connect with the world through an interpretation of sounds through vibrations. Indeed the total lack of sound can even have an effect on us, causing hallucinations. People have been creating instruments to make sounds and […]